Monday, February 9, 2015

Update on Lunar Logic Project.

by Jamie Bennett

This is partially a repost of something that was originally on the main blog. I figured having something about this project in two places would be advantageous and informative. In addition, there is fresh news to report on the "Lunar Logic Project." I call it that but it's really multiple finished pieces.

Anyways, I have finished a large satirical blueprint of the Lunar Logic office space (feature above).  I will post higher resolution photos in the future (maybe rotating stills). We are just talking about framing at this point. I will post something upon installation. They also have an additional four small pieces of mine to hang in their new office that are not featured here. I believe that makes 15 pieces on display in Lunar Logic's Eugene office.

I do realize this isn't so much a gallery as it is just art news... But Lunar Logic's office is quickly becoming a permanent display and that is exciting.


Here are some shots of the first installation of work to go up at Lunar Logic in Eugene, OR. I am not the best at shooting my work but you'll get the idea. The things featured here are vinyl, stencil and acid etched works. To the left is one of my favorite acid etches from the set. Lunar Logic hopes to brand their entire office and there is more to come – so be sure to check back. If you haven't yet expanded the post, please click "read more" to see a slide show of the gallery.

 More on the way soon.

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