Monday, February 9, 2015

Update on Lunar Logic Project.

by Jamie Bennett

This is partially a repost of something that was originally on the main blog. I figured having something about this project in two places would be advantageous and informative. In addition, there is fresh news to report on the "Lunar Logic Project." I call it that but it's really multiple finished pieces.

Anyways, I have finished a large satirical blueprint of the Lunar Logic office space (feature above).  I will post higher resolution photos in the future (maybe rotating stills). We are just talking about framing at this point. I will post something upon installation. They also have an additional four small pieces of mine to hang in their new office that are not featured here. I believe that makes 15 pieces on display in Lunar Logic's Eugene office.

I do realize this isn't so much a gallery as it is just art news... But Lunar Logic's office is quickly becoming a permanent display and that is exciting.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Two Year Anniversary at Pacific University

by Jamie Bennett 

Our most recent gallery was an exploration of various mark making techniques. To the left is one of my finished pieces and below is Nia standing next to one of her's with baby Llew.

We used some spray paint, paint pens, stencils and other assorted materials on faux wood panels. Nia made some really beautiful pin up ladies and I was really proud of the end result. All around this was a lot of fun and what began as an exploration ultimately has legs for future galleries on larger format pieces. I would really like to create larger pieces using this technique, especially now that we got the process down.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Kitty, Dancing Pony and the Newspeak

by Jamie Bennett 

This gallery is an exploration of iconography and the basic language of form in communication. There is a fine line between Kitsch and Pop art – this was an attempt to cross and blur that line.

Happy Kitty, Dancing Pony: was created specifically to have mass appeal and a vintage flair. We wanted this aspect of the gallery to be easy on the eyes (pretty eye candy).

Newspeak: is a homage to Pop art. A fresh face on an old concept – for a new generation of art aficionados with a whole new and unique vocabulary.

This gallery space was created by Nia and myself using a vinyl plotter and floater frames. I love the way this process creates shadows under the glass and really makes the art pop (Pop art pops). If you read on I will post additional images taken with my phone and from the actual vector files. This way you can see the artwork a little better... I am terrible at taking photos of art on walls but trust me, the gallery is awesome.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


by Jamie Bennett 

Robert was created by Nia and myself for Pacific University in Eugene, Ore. Our medium was vinyl on a variety of surfaces. I had actually been imagining working in vinyl for a gallery for quite some time. Vinyl is something I frequently use in my line of work and I love the way it looks. I bought a decal plotter for this exhibition and my goal was to produce large, wall sized decals that narrated a thought provoking story. Developing the story took some thought but once I had the story, we were off to the races. Nia created some of the cutest characters that I had ever seen, including Robert. Her artistic abilities really made this gallery a success.

You enter the gallery space and there is a book before you. It is actually our guest book and you can sign it. This book also contains the first part of Robert's story. Robert is basically a protagonist who has gotten bored in his own story. He devises a plan to escape and he succeeds.

Robert highjacks his own story. He is only two dimensional so he moves along the walls and in and out of frames. He takes a number of pages with him. These pages are ripped right out of the story and continue to narrate his adventure throughout the gallery space.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Lessons in Haiku

by Jamie Bennett 

So I took about four years off showing work and during this time I relocated to Oregon. I suppose I was feeling overworked and under inspired. Under inspired may be an extreme way of describing my thoughts and feelings but basically I had a lot going on, such as becoming a father (very inspiring – clarification).

It wasn't as though I stopped making art. My full time job is to create art. I was creating art professionally in my time off work too but I just wasn't inspired enough to show at a gallery. Also my finances were stretched pretty thin and I knew that if I was going to show again I would want to do it right. I didn't want to feel pressured to cut corners and sacrifice on quality just to save money.

I started devising grand schemes for exhibitions. Coming up with plans for work that would be created once I had time and money. This gallery was not part of those plans but I had to first describe the huge gap in my exhibition history before explaining how this gallery came about.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hot Hot Haute

by Jamie Bennett 

October 31, 2009 my wife and I were married in Minneapolis, Minn. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Nev. our collaborative art was walking the runway. We got some flack for skipping this exhibition but neither of us regret the decision to get married. There was no way you could guilt me into skipping my own wedding. The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) put on this event at the World Market Center. The participating designs were spectacular and we were honored to participate. Our dress had gorillas floating through a field and came with a handbag. The design sold and by all accounts the event was a resounding success. There was even a Hot Hot Haute 2  in 2010.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Fun with FreeFilth

by Jamie Bennett 

In 2009 I presented my work along side long time friend and collaborator Brian Gilson at the Arts Factory in Las Vegas, Nev. Everything was created with mixed materials from ink to gauche, acrylic to watercolors, graphite and even oil paint. Many of the paintings were things that I had created since leaving Georgia. My influences, while preparing for this gallery, were mostly lowbrow and outsider artists. Some works were entirely created by Brian, many were uniquely my own works and then some were true collaborations.

To the right is a piece that I called "Best Summer Ever." It is actually inspired by a fairly poor painting that I once came across in art school. The painting that inspired me was of a gangster or hard rocker on a beach and a beach ball is just floating out of nowhere. The rocker was flashing gang signs and I was so confused by the entire work. This particular piece is of my mind or memory attempting to recreate something and it is an impossible task. My brain wont allow me to create something so ridiculous and my own memory continues exaggerate the original painting more and more with each passing day. If this painting could talk it would say "Kill Me". 8)