Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hot Hot Haute

by Jamie Bennett 

October 31, 2009 my wife and I were married in Minneapolis, Minn. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Nev. our collaborative art was walking the runway. We got some flack for skipping this exhibition but neither of us regret the decision to get married. There was no way you could guilt me into skipping my own wedding. The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) put on this event at the World Market Center. The participating designs were spectacular and we were honored to participate. Our dress had gorillas floating through a field and came with a handbag. The design sold and by all accounts the event was a resounding success. There was even a Hot Hot Haute 2  in 2010.
To the right is a picture of my wife, father and mother at my wedding in Minneapolis. What a wonderful evening. I am sad that I couldn't see our creation come to life and walk the runway but I will never regret my decision to leave HOT HOT HAUTE for cold, cold Minneapolis.

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