Friday, August 7, 2009

Big Fun with FreeFilth

by Jamie Bennett 

In 2009 I presented my work along side long time friend and collaborator Brian Gilson at the Arts Factory in Las Vegas, Nev. Everything was created with mixed materials from ink to gauche, acrylic to watercolors, graphite and even oil paint. Many of the paintings were things that I had created since leaving Georgia. My influences, while preparing for this gallery, were mostly lowbrow and outsider artists. Some works were entirely created by Brian, many were uniquely my own works and then some were true collaborations.

To the right is a piece that I called "Best Summer Ever." It is actually inspired by a fairly poor painting that I once came across in art school. The painting that inspired me was of a gangster or hard rocker on a beach and a beach ball is just floating out of nowhere. The rocker was flashing gang signs and I was so confused by the entire work. This particular piece is of my mind or memory attempting to recreate something and it is an impossible task. My brain wont allow me to create something so ridiculous and my own memory continues exaggerate the original painting more and more with each passing day. If this painting could talk it would say "Kill Me". 8) 

You better believe we got paid. With what we paid for the space and put into materials we more than broke even. This gallery is where I met my future roommate, the late Dr. Thomas Nesbit (author of Deep Fried). I sold him two pieces. I think all in all we sold something like 10-15 pieces and roughly that same number in t-shirts. To the left is a photo of me (as a young man) accepting a fat check from some guy. I remember he was very nice but then again, anyone who pays me is nice. Clearly he has great taste. I would love to be able to thank him again for his patronage.

After the show we went and got some Mexican food and we were offered the space for a second time free of charge. We accepted but later that month I guess someone with money decided that they needed the space so we were bumped. It was a lot of fun working on this gallery with Brian. It enabled me to unload several works that I had been moving around with and I was able to expose a whole new audience to my work. 

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